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November 03, 2017 1 min read

After testing several different beetroot powders from various parts of the world, we have discovered some things. Some powders do not mix well or quickly harden after opening. A few beetroot brands contain beet fibers which, for many causes stomach issues.

It took 2 years to source this quality concentrated, Non-GMO, low-sugar powder. The results of the tests show that with its high concentration levels and physiological effectiveness, we found the finest beetroot concentrated powder. And we have engineered the best for healthy living and sports performance.

This super product is now what we call, Beetroot Pro®.

What is Beetroot Pro?

This beetroot extract powder gently dilates blood vessels for increased circulation. It also builds and repairs muscles. Beetroot Pro® also provides efficient nutrient and oxygen delivery to your brain and body. When you purchase, we include free shipping to all USA domestic locations. Beetroot Pro® is a premium and potent beetroot juice powder. It is cultivated in ancient times for a healthy, active, and energized lifestyle.




We know that you will love premium-grade Beetroot Pro®.

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