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Beetroot Pro® Pink Lemonade Endurance Fuel


An energizing blend featuring carbs, electrolytes, amino acids, and natural beetroot powder, all in a refreshing Pink Lemonade flavor, ideal for workouts.

  • Advanced Energy Blend: Contains 29 grams of Cane Sugar and PeaStarch carbs for sustained energy.
  • Enhanced Hydration and Muscle Function: Packed with essential electrolytes to support proper muscle contraction and hydration.
  • Muscle Strength and Recovery: Includes amino acids to enhance muscle strength, reduce fatigue, and expedite muscle recovery.
  • Circulation Boost: Infused with natural beetroot powder for nitric oxide vasodilation to improve blood flow and oxygen delivery to muscles.
  • Refreshing Pink Lemonade Flavor: Enjoy a delightful and refreshing taste while staying hydrated during workouts.

    Directions: During workout. Take two (2) scoops into a 20 OZ water bottle. Shake well.

    Includes 20 servings

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    What are the benefits of Beetroot Pro Pink Lemonade®?

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Ryan B. (Salt Lake City, US)
    Endurance Fuel

    This is exactlty what I've been looking for for on the move fueling. In the past I have struggled to get the fueling that I've required on long runs and rides, Beetroot Pro pink is the solution. Now I'm looking forward to the preworkout.

    Mike W. (Salt Lake City, US)
    Beetroot Pro Pink Lemonade

    I have been using Beetroot Pro (pre-workout) for years and I love it. So it only makes sense that Beetroot Pro Pink Lemonade Intra-Workout works great and both products compliment each other!

    David D. (Lehi, US)
    Beetroot Pro Pink Lemonade Intra-Workout Endurance Powder

    I am a 70 year old cyclist and struggle with endurance fuels that contain so many different kinds of corn based sweeteners. Beetroot's pink lemonade is made with real sugar and literally does not affect my digestive system at all!! I have also found that I drink one serving every day whether I work out or not because it contains essential nutrients for healthy living that are difficult to achieve without taking multiple supplements. One drink, easy to digest and absolutely tastes great does the trick for me. Thank you Beetroot Pro!!!