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We are delighted to bring your Beetroot Pro®, formulated and manufactured in California. We utilize cGMP Manufacturing facilities along with the oversight of ISO 17025 laboratories for quality control.

Minimal. There is only 1 gram of sugar, per serving, contained in Beetroot Pro®.

Not likely. Beetroot Pro® is a fast-asorbing beetroot extract and does not contain any beet fibers. For some people, beet fibers can be hard on a stomach.

Yes! We have many international customers, including a warehouse in Australia.

We recommend DHL as the quickest shipping method. DHL is expensive, however shipping wait times are much lower, typically 1 week. 


EVERY DAY: Take one serving; two (2) scoops daily, mixed with chilled 4-6 OZ of water

BEFORE RACE DAY: For maximum effect, take one serving; two (2) scoops of Beetroot Pro® in the morning and one serving in the evening, repeat for 3 days

Day of Event; two (2) scoops 1-2 hours before your event

*May not be suitable for those with chronic migraines or kidney stones. See your medical doctor.