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December 01, 2017 2 min read

Nitrates are one of the many significant nutritional values you can get from Beetroot Pro.


What are nitrates?

Nitrates are inorganic compounds made up of nitrogen and oxygen, NO3 (one nitrogen and three oxygen molecules). 


Nitrates in Beetroot

Beetroot (of the family Chenopodiaceae), usually as juice, is one of the more common supplemental sources of dietary nitrate. It is conferring at least 1,300 milligrams per kilogram fresh weightwith one review noting an average value of 1,459 milligrams per kilogram fresh weight.

Beetroot tends to contain an Inorganic Nitrate (NO3-), as the main bioactive for cardiovascular and endurance exercise interactions.

According to research, Beet juice may boost stamina to help you exercise longer. It may also improve your blood flow, and help lower your blood pressure.

Additionally, the reason for this is Beets are rich in natural chemicals called nitrates. Through a chain reaction, your body changes nitrates into nitric oxide. It helps with blood flow and blood pressure.

And so, Beetroot Pro, an organic beetroot juice powder, is your best choice.Beetroot Pro® is rich with nitrates, a natural circulation enhancer. Through beetroot's unique nitric oxide properties, it gently dilates your blood vessels. Increased blood flow provides much-needed, efficient nutrient and oxygen delivery to your body and brain. 









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