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Beetroot Pro Athlete Passes USADA Test!

LOTOJA Classic Pro 123 Win

Our friend and teammate, Spencer Johnson won LOTOJA, the 206-mile bike race from Logan, Utah to Jackson Hole, WY. It's a hard day on the bike!

LOTOJA will test your endurance, hillclimbing ability, mental fortitude and perhaps your sprinting skills after a long day on the bike. Spencer joined an early breakaway that established in the first 10 miles. By the first climb, Spencer and his teammate Nathan Manwaring were part of a trio who increased their lead as the race progressed.

Assisted with a strong tailwind and an all Cat 1 breakaway group the trio rolled in with a new course record of 8:18:29! An Incredible pace that will surely hold for many years.

Spencer has made a big splash in the Utah bike racing scene, winning several events. Many of which were won solo. He hasn't accomplished this alone. His loyal teammates (Nathan Manwaring, Roger Arnell, Ben Stevenson, & Daren Tuckett)  have sacrificed and rallied together. 

USADA Cyclist Testing Beetroot Pro Approved