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I’ve heard that you skipped the Alpine Feed Zone and attacked, is this true? I remember that just after entering Snake River Canyon, I felt that some of the riders were not sharing their fair share of the load in the breakaway. After one of the steeper sections in Snake River, I surged and decided to do it alone. It wasn’t a feed zone, I don’t remember attacking any feed zones.

Was doing LOTOJA a smart move before heading out to Worlds? This was in 1997, the year I did my first Tour De France. I had to leave the race finish area just minutes after crossing the finish line heading to the airport in SLC. I felt great at the World’s that year. I’m glad I did LOTOJA before the 1997 World Championships!

How did Cat 1,2 riders feel about LOTOJA back then? I think the perception is just about the same as it is now. Many Cat 1,2’s want to complete but may have a tough time committing so early in the year.

Do you think LOTOJA can become as popular as Leadville 100? Sure, why not. With Lance showing up making a movie and winning the event, I think these types of tough races are coming back. Levi Leipheimer has his Grand Fondo. I don’t see any reason why it can’t grow much bigger than it is now.

How many LOTOJA riders have gone on your Cycling Tours? I am not sure.

Any tips for LOTOJA riders? I guess it depends on what type of rider we are talking about. It’s a very long endurance event, obviously, you need to do long training days. Eat some real food a long way. I like ham and cheese. I remember seeing riders so lightly dressed, especially with such a cold start in the morning.

Would you consider riding or racing LOTOJA in the future? I would consider it.

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