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June 16, 2020 1 min read

Do you see yourself as an "Underdog?" 
In one way or another, we are all underdogs. Someone has faster equipment, more talent, better training environment, discretional time, or more competitive opportunities. Then, you will find those who have incredible self-control to ensure a slender physique and regimented routine.
Clearly, we cannot control the opportunities that others have readily available. Therefore, we are underdogs, the long-shot and the dark-horse.
They won't see us coming!
Because we don't always have the time, talent, and resources to meet the demands of our sport, we have to be clever, smarter. Nobody will do the work for us! We have to become true underdogs and seek out every available proper resource to improve. Like every great underdog story, we have to outsmart our competition, whether that be our own friends, a mountain to climb a personal best, or race day competitors.
The Endurance360® and Beetroot Pro® is a family of underdogs who leap ahead of our competitors when they least expect it. We are driven to excellence. We know "Preparation beats luck."
We train smarter and work harder than our competitors. We leap ahead and overcome. We are like Rocky Balboa or the Karate Kid. It's up to us to dig deep.
We are the underdogs.
-Cameron Hoffman